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60 years of experience in design, development & manufacture of core products for Generation, Distribution and Utilisation of Electric Power. The network has evolved over 50 years to feel the pulse of the customer and meet their needs. First hand knowledge of applications in sectors and segments like Agriculture, Commercial Establishment, Utilities, Telecom, Railways, Petro-Chemical, Fertiliser, Cement, Steel, Sugar, Paper, Nuclear, Automobile, Marine, Defense  etc.

BLISS Powerfully Reliable


   Economical Product Cost

   Low Diesel consumption
  Low Lube oil consumption

  Longer interval between

  Longer life of parts

  Economically priced

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Compact Size

  Eco Friendly


Low Vibration


Single Window Service

Low Fuel Consumption


 690 / 303, Dinshah Master Road, Parsi colony, Dadar, Mumbai 400014,
 Maharashtra, INDIA Tel. : 24126078 Cell : 98921 26499 / 98924 25879


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